map shmap!

Something that i should be ashamed of but, regardless, am going to post riiiight here...

The other day Adam sauntered into my office with a crooked grin, and right away i knew this it was going to be bad or humiliating in one way or another...
ADAM: "Hey, can you tell me where Milwaukee is?"
(Awww crap...i thought, knowing that my skills of geography left much to be desired, but the competitor in me wasn't going to give up so soon)

ME: "I know that they have a team there called the Brewers" (hopeful this might impress him enough to let me off the hook). 

ADAM: "Yes, but what state do they play for?" (still with his antagonistic smile) 

(long pause......) 

ME: In a desperate attempt..."Okay, uuuuuuuuh, Vermont, no!....Philadelphia!!" i blubbered out.  
Needless to say, Adam got the laugh he was craving . For not only did i not know the final guess was, in fact, another CITY (he tells me i'm "funny" but i am now certain that what he really means is: I'm funny when i'm dumb. He does love me FYI) Stupid Milwaukee, who lives there anyway??

But, now i know all i'll ever need to know about Milwaukee: they refer to their soft drinks appropriately as "soda" (instead of the nails on a chalkboard "pop") and the average high in September is a very non-arizona 73 degrees. Okay, so maybe it's not so stupid after all...'aina?' (a common phrase used there)...Okay nope, it's still pretty dumb.

Did you know the answer?? (besides you silly Wisconsin natives)

*also: at the time of "9.11" i thought the Pentagon (in Washington D.C.) was on the west coast...yikes! We all have weaknesses, geography is most definitely one of mine.


Robbins Family said...

Ummm... I live in Milwaukee!! I am impressed that you knew the Brewers played here, I probably didn't know that until I moved here this summer. The summers here are fantastic but write me in Jan. and I'll be coveting your AZ temps. Another tidbit about Milwaukee... everyone here drinks beer like it's water... they sell it everywhere... even at the zoo!

Cali Girl said...

okay... i must go. i've been on your blog all morning {can't get enough} ... but my hubby is waiting for his lunch and i keep putting it off because im addicted to your cute family and all your wit!

ill be back later.. like i said, can't get enough.

PS i say "pop" .. im from the midwest... i won't hold that comment against you! :o)

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