team boo gets inspired.

Since my motto for this year is "absorbtion and practice" i am going to try dedicating a day of blogging every week to sharing the things that inspire me. Some i try, others are just a treat for my eyeballs. You never know...they just may inspire you too :) 

Things that always catch my eye are: color and rich layering. Stuff I'd love to do more with this year.

team Boo 's you


kelly said...

Oh sure, inspiration. I like it. I have trouble with the application part of inspiration. I'm inspired to change it up or to make something, but then that idea sits in the corner for 6 months. Here's to applying and doing what inspires me:)!
the point of this ramble: don't fall short on following through

Buffalo Gal said...

well your a...a...a HOUSE HEAD! {sorry thats all i could think of to say} i love the inspriationzzzz. can't wait to do our "you know what business" together!! {that sounds really weird...but you know what i'm mean}

Sara said...

Okay, now THAT is a wedding I want to attend.

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