ask boo: home sweet home?

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Are you from AZ? Do you plan to live there forever?

Hells no! I am originally from the bay area in California. I moved (begrudgingly) to Prescott, AZ the year before high school and have lived there or in the Phoenix valley ever since. I have never been a big fan. A lot of our family is here which is why we've stayed so long, but i dream of relocating almost daily (hopefully sooner than later). In the mean time it's basically just Stockholm Syndrome that keeps me sane. I do my best to like it here (and there are a lot of people who LOVE it in AZ) but aside from the heat, the parks are lame and the culture lacks sometimes my spirit tends to feel a bit stifled. 

I'd love to move to the northwest where the trees are a plenty and people are...weirder. I want more space around my home where my kids can run wild. Preferably with a hill, where i could run to the top while singing and spinning...with my hands outstretched. 

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cara. said...

please move to portland before i move out. and also, referencing stockholm syndrome and pube shirt...major points. we could seriously be besties based on your hilarity alone. the cute kids thing helps, too.

chelsey meyer said...

ryan and i are planning to move up to portland feb 2012, seriously thinking about making one of those paper ring countdown things.

Michelle said...

yesss the NW is the best. I honestly don't know why I didn't stay in school at seattle. The weather is sooo goood.

I would die in AZ heat. DIE. So I have respect for you arizonians and relocated california girls.

communikate. said...

ust moved to portland from phoenix {originally from s.utah.}

there are {some} things i miss about az. such as, wide streets. freeway signs. easy navigation. bahama bucks. lgo.


i do NOT miss the hellacious heat. i'll have a full opinion of what is better come winter here.

on a funny note, so many people hear that we moved from AZ, and constantly say "i want to live there."

it appears that many of us have the "grass is always greener." syndrome.

oh, and i totally know how you feel about people posting about fall. i felt the SAME way last year, but i'm living it up this year sister.

teamBoo said...

Thanks for rubbing it in Kate ;)

robin said...

1. where in the bay area are you from? i, too, am from A bay area. monterey bay. you?

2. i am really embarrassed. i just realized that team cowan's "defenseless baby" picture was also a hot air balloon! i guess i didn't look at it closely... and i feel really sheepish... oh, the blog shame!

teamBoo said...

I'm from San Jose. Not exactly on the bay but still. Monterey is coooold, but awesome. I'd say "oh my gosh what a small world!" if there weren't like 5 bajillion people from the northern ca " bay" area. Actually, strike that. white people are pretty rare around those parts...and Mormons? Well now it's really whittled down...we might as well be sisters.

Broadobalds said...

Phoenix kind of felt like Seattle yesterday. Only less green and more glittery pocketed jeans. So we're getting close.

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