I want my two dollars

While Disneyland upholds it's title as the happiest place on earth...Legoland may seriously be the lamest place on earth. You know it's bad when your 4 year old is excited to go to the car after one hour.
(Although Sheamus is kind of a hermit. All he wanted to do half way through Disneyland even was "go back to the 'bedroom' because isn't it bedtime?" sweetie it's only 4 o'clock ;)
team boo 's you


Sara said...



Renee said...

Legoland is Southern California's Madame Tussaud's. You THINK you should go, because it's there, but about ten minutes after paying admission, you realize you just don't want that many pictures of stuff that stopped being interesting when you turned 12. Whoopi Goldberg, I'm looking at you.

Looks like you're having fun despite the lameness! Continue having a safe trip!

Jackie said...

I think 4 o'clock sounds like a lovely bedtime.

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