jemma is ONE-ish

Last weekend the sisters/family constructed yet another last minute party. Pulled together in less than 24 hours from start to finish.(minus the adorable invitation above) This one was for the sweet and daring Jemma who turned one years old, ehgm....2 months ago
Anyway, I left in the morning run party errands with bed head, no makeup, running shorts and an ACDC shirt i'd been wearing for at least 48 hours.

repeat in mirror: "Shower before party...shower before party"

...because without fail, this is what I will end up wearing for the party!
So, when my sister began snapping pictures of me once it had started (after she was given time to go freshen up while I deep fried corndogs) my tallest finger couldn't help but stand up. "Carolyn!" she'd say "...just smile like Lisa!" which Lisa replied "Oh I'd be flipping you off too if I weren't tying ribbons around your hotdogs." (and sadly we were...well, parchment paper and bakers twine...whatever, it made sense at the time) That pretty much summed it up right there.

When all was said and done, it was the most fun one year old birthday party I've ever been to :) we sure love you Jem!

The above invite created by the always fantastic and creative Stephanie Kubal
She never ceases to amaze...she has SO much talent! {sayRED creative...where your customized artwork dreams come true!}

*fun fact...In my mad birthday rush (and sporting my au natural beauty) i ran into none other than my favorite couple on the planet! OF COURSE THEN. If I weren't in such a hurry I'd have taken a picture to document the magical moment....but then I'd have had to flip myself off :( you understand. Stacey + Geoff 4 eva.

team boo ♥'s you
(and Jemma)
(and sayRED)
(and Steoffery)


cara. said...

you are awesome. and steoffery might be my favorite couple, too--second to

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Hahah, you're amazing! I didn't think that Target could get any more super, but seeing you rock that ACDC shirt pretty much did it for me. Those invites are darling, I'm hiring her in exactly one year.

Michelle said...

Isn't that what always happens? Running into people when you are jsut trying to sneak in and out on errands?

Lucky! I would be psyched if I met them and their new little girl!

Stephanie did a GREAT job with those invites!! She has such great style!!

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