This, my friends, is why little boys rock....

Lately I have been a little grouchy.
my days becoming progressively non structured and non-inventive
with sporadic spurts of cleaning or walking the aisles of Target or something
It's my fault because somewhere in the last few weeks I began to assume that by now,
this baby would be on the flip-side of my lady bidness.
Luckily I have to rays of sunshine that remind me hourly how lucky I am to have my "everyday"
Yesterday morning Sheamus crawled into bed with me after a "bad dream"
(about a monster who wanted to tell him jokes??)
and professed his love to his stuffy nosed crab of a mother
and it turned out to be just what I needed:
Me checking the time in the early hours....
"You have a clock on your phone!?! Your're so funny momma...(whispers) and BEAUTIFUL.
I'm keeping this momma.
And I'm not gonna say i hate blue houses anymore...
(something he says when he wishes he lived at his cousins yellow house instead of our blue one)
cause you're the only one I want to hug! I love you mommy, you're so comfy.
When are we allowed to kiss your lips again??"
(since I have a major cold)
Basically this means that I can't keep griping about the stretch mark that is slowly spreading further up my belly.
I mean, I CAN...
But maybe i should just get over myself ;)
There are very few things in life that make my heart sing more than hearing a little munchkin voice call me "momma"
life is good.
team boo 's you


communikate. said...

What a little sweetheart!!

Linds said...

I recently came across your blog and I absolutely loved it. I couldn't help but go back and read all the archives. Your family is so sweet. Just thought you should know!

ArizonaLewis said...

flipside of lady bidness.
thanks for that.
i will take home and call it my own.
no take backs.

Christy Cummings Harrison said...

you're right, little boys DO rock. I am serious when I say I could have a whole house full (as long as I could also have a personal assistant, cook, maid, therapist, etc. ) Ahhh... but they are just so freakin sweet.


Sara said...

This makes me want a whole basket of little boys.

And puppies for them to play with.

Caroline said...

Boys are so cool!!! xo

Carolyn said...

its coo lewis.

I've definitely "amazeballs-ed" it once or twice. We give and we take :)

Jordan said...

When the little one does find herself on the other side of your "bidness" read Sylvia Plath's "Morning Song".

"...cow-heavy and floral"
"...your nakedness, shadows our safety"

Anyway, I've not found any other words in the universe that echo those first post-natal days.

A magical and horrid time all at once. Good luck.

Raquel said...

He is so darn cute.

littlegypsy. said...

oh, i love that! a real live valentine!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Thats SO adorable! xxx

grant + brittany said...

i don't think i can put into words the warm fuzziness that this post gave my heart. thankyou!

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