easy breezy.

do you miss us??
{pretend you do}

we are alive! 
 in the adorable Capitola, CA. 

....where the hippie population is crazy awesome, and {on the same token} peeps don't care if your not wearing pants ;)

* i am LOVING your Project BOO videos.  Keep em comin'!!


m. estelle said...

BAH!!!!! :) she has your feet! i love it. i LOVE that wall!


TeeTee said...

Yes, I missed you so much!

Ooh California.... I love it!

Have fun!

jasmine said...

yay! glad to hear you're having a good time! and i, of course, miss you!

littlegypsy. said...

she is the cutest thing! love the wall too. rock on!

perfectly peri said...

sometimes I think of myself as a hippie. :)
I wish I were on vacation where I didn't have to wear pants!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Hi :)

I've given you an award over at my blog hun xx

Jessica Marie said...

hope you're having a great time!

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