my man is facial hair challenged, so i'm grateful mustaches are kinda cool lately cause that's all he can grow :)

1. key rack : i saw this on Target online a long time ago...but is now made through various etsy sites...or maybe i make one??

2. pencil disguise : who doesn't hold the pencil between their nose and top lip when they are deep in thought....eets PARfect!


*this daisy said...

I love the pencils and the mustaches! Hahaha! Too cute! :)

Thank you for your sweet comment, Carolyn! Your blog is simply lovely and fun to read - I've been telling friends about it. Hehe.

Have a blessed Sunday! (:

p/s: i've been meaning to tell you, i love your hairstyle! the bangs are so pretty.

TeeTee said...

I want those pencils!

jasmine said...

ah man! you're lucky your husband is facial hair challenged. i love levi with a beard, but it hurts my face, and it tickles! i feel like i always look like i've been drinking kool-aid.

Brooke said...

I for one love me a mustache!

I wish us girls could sport them, i wouldn't have to wax every two days! Ha!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love these, they are fab!

And I would so do the pencil thing :)

Caroline Dahlberg said...

My Husband has the same issue...... I don't think he could ever grow a mustache :) I simply love, love your blog. I have it in my bookmarks as delightful and read it often, your writing is humorous, fun and simply delightful!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

The pencils are so cute! What a good idea!

Brittany said...

I love mustaches. That was the theme to my sons first birthday party. and have plenty of things to throw another mustache party. I like that they are in right now.

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