{image ffffound here }
i'm having issues.
rather, my site feed is having issues.
so any new adds to your blog roll/list of "team boo" {that's me}
shows it sadly at the bottom 
with no updates for you
even though i've have updated
it stays there
like a sad little rain cloud
Good news though,  i have a temporary fix!
instead of inputting my url as this...
just type in the feed url which is this...
and all will be well 
for both you and i
for now ;)
*sorry this wasn't a REAL post....but i had to put it out there, yo. Also watch this ...cause you can't say "fancy" without thinking of just can't.  ...and if you can, well, this friendship might not last.


Sara said...

Blerg covers all manner of negative instances. I'm so pleased to see that you use it!

Jessica Marie said...

i've been having the same problem today!

Krista said...

thank you! i love google reader

Carolyn said...

seriously...i would give a kidney to be tina fey for a day. She is the jam!

Kera said...

k. i'm like known for saying everything is fancy! and I freaking love this song. I wasn't sure what the crap this was when it first opened, but thanks. I want to hear somebody sing this on american idol.

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