summer days...

I have spent so much time lately complaining about the AZ heat, i've in some ways given up on the possibility of enjoying myself at all in the next six months. I have central AC, a basement, a house for heavens sake! Also as i recall, roughly 7 years ago i signed on for a job that does anything but revolve around my personal pity party ;)  

It wasn't until i read this wonderful blog that i had a moment of clarity. When did i morph into such a resentful wank? The heat waves really do a number on my disposition as a mother...but aren't i supposed to be teaching my kids {by example} to make the best of what they have?!? When did i forget that life isn't about living in ideal circumstances, but rather how we fair with what we are given. Frankly i should be ashamed to think that i have a reason to complain. Anyway if you need dose of perspective like i clearly did, read {my newest mommy inspiration} Megan Marie's sweet snippet of ways to enhance the summer months...

{which for me is basically making a long list of whimsical ideas to distract myself from the fact that my kids are not in school anymore and the only way to keep from punching myself in the face is to trick them into lots of sweaty and/or indoor fun. but then there i go again....}

 "I am a tour guide. Each day my babies hear language they don't really understand, and witness events and objects that are completely foreign. Everything is new. In the past I have taught them colors, introduced them to letters and numbers. Taken them outside to name the bugs, the sky, the trees. Why though? So they can recite the names of things back to me? Ever so much more than that! I get to teach them to live!"

A few favorites from her summer "tour" list:

*have a yellow day where we wear only yellow, and eat only yellow food
*make a sand castle and then stomp on it
*roast a hot-dog over a fire
*have a major dance party...with decorations 
*eat a really messy dinner with no utensils
*build a catapult and shoot things
*shadow puppets late at night
*rent a projector and make our own drive in
*go on a treasure hunt
*make bird-masks and wings with feathers and pretend to fly
*record our voices and play them back and laugh at how silly we sound
*have a mud fight

...find the rest here .

Needless to say, i am starting my own list. What do YOU have planned??

FYI...this doesn't change a thing about wanting to move. The second a window opens I'M OUT!!.... just saying ;)


Sarah said...

my summer plans include roller skating, laser tag, capture the flag, spending the day at the beach with a cute dude and my puppy, double dutch, and baked goods.

Megan Marie said...

way cute! love the post! glad we can inspire each other!

Brittany said...

I found her blog via yours and love it as well. She totally inspires me too. She makes me want to get out and try something new. We are moving in with my in-laws to save money and I was so sad to leave my place until I read her blog and realized that I should be happy to have a huge backyard soon! Love your blog. And sorry it is so hott there. At least it isnt cold.

Jessica Bjorn said...

Megan does have a lot of good ideas when it comes to having fun!
I love your blog by the way, I saw the button on Megan's blog. Tres Cool!

Brooke said...

Yay! I have been patiently waiting for a new post! Doing creative and silly things during the hot summer months are a must! This summer something very exciting is going to happen in our household...

Parker my son (who is 2) is profoundly deaf. He is getting Cochlear Implants on June 5th. That means during these summer months I will be doing alot of creative things to teach Parker to hear! Isn't that crazy!

jen :] said...

already on my list: make a fort in my living room and camp out. roast starburst over a fire. fingerpainting. and build a garden. [even though i live in arizona and everything would die.]

kelly mccaleb said...

great link! thanks!

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