raw sugar.

Today i mopped my floor {for the first time in about three months} and my iPhone came in the mail....the sky is the limit! So this weekend, since we have no plans to go on holiday, i plan to challenge myself to make it fun at home kicking off my inspired summer plans to  botox all of my sweat glands  er...enjoy as much of it as i can with my two darling children ;)  here's what i have in mind....

{project image found at cookie's nesting blog }

1. a do it yourself dollhouse...where the kids are in charge.  This is where mommy is challenged to NOT micromanage the project to make it look more like the picture ;)

2. a living room fort camp out with shadow puppets and hot cocoa
...and some camp songs for good measure {cause were not quite ready for scary stories}
{image from }

What do you have planned?? 
....wait don't tell, DO.  Just kidding this isn't a competition, and your plans can suck it. 

okay fine, they're awesome....but they better not involve the beach.


Brooke said...

HaHa! That is too funny because I also mopped my floors today and did a little (big) happy dance when I was finished. So, this weekend we are going to camp out in our friends backyard and sleep under the stars. Do a little laying out and get some fabulous tan lines. We may even hit up an IKEA for some 50 cent hotdogs! Woo!

Tegan said...

aww well your plans sound like great fun to me!! it's raining, windy and super cold (well cold for me haha) down here in Sydney Australia. im inside, studying for school and catching up on all of the work i decided to not keep up with throughout the week. i am however not exactly keeping on track atm, and watching my 4th ep of law and order ci, for the day :)

Same New Story said...

those sound like fun plans! have a great weekend!

jen :] said...

oh oh oh. my plans are way better than the beach. i am going to efy, in provo, and then-- i am going to rome, greece, venice, and plethora of places in europe for two and half weeks!

Brooke W said...

That homemade dollhouse looks awesome! I love it. Well sorry to say my summer plans involve a lot of the beach, but hey the pool works too! We also have a lot of sidewalk chalk and sidewalk paint that we like to use and also some cooking classes. When I was about 7 my mom did a little summer cooking class for me and three friends and it was heaven. My daughter is only 3 but I am thinking we can start small. But when I was 7 we learned how to make an apple pic from scratch and that was something i'll never forget.

Peri said...

I absolutly, positively, adore your blog. Check mine out.

Anonymous said...

i am late but so far..
we have spent the weekend:

eating poptarts/graduation cake

its been delightful.

Sara said...

We tend to head for our lake trailer (yeah, you read me right) for the weekend. We cook out, we take naps in the middle of the day, we neglect our personal hygiene and we're all the better for it, I think.

However, now I'm wishing we'd made shadow puppets and had hot chocolate...

Anne said...

I think I need a nice low key weekend (or a weekend lying on the beach) to recoup from my action packed weekend. I flew to Utah for a quick trip to introduce my boyfriend to Utah (he'd never been) and my family. So much fun but completely exhausting.

p.s. my word verification? anizzled. It sounds like it could be my nickname. Maybe I'm going to make it one... :)

Marianne said...

You are honestly hilarious!! My sister and I catch up on your blog weekly together and usually are crying! Love the summer plans!

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