25 random things i may, or may not be, ashamed of:

1. I have been bitten 4 dogs.  And i am now officially afraid of most of them (and also still of the dark)

2. I have really ugly feet

3. I peed my pants pretty consistently from laughing until about age 20.

4. I collect robots

5. I hate mayonaise on ANYTHING, except for brocolli and artichokes (i've only recently found out this isn't normal?)

6. I hate my name...and unless i were a 60 year librarian from Montana or....a Retired Title Agent from Orlando or maybe a Black Jack dealer in Atlantic city or...{actually, that's all i got} I probably always will.

7. Once, while training for a race, i ate an entire Ben and Jerry's smores pint every night 5 nights in a row (to spare you the math, that is more than 6000 calories)

8. To me a ripped magazine is as good as trash, as is the idiot who ripped it.

9. When someone ends a sentence or question with "at" i want to smack their mouth.

10. I am usually late.

11. I know all of the words to Cinderella, TLC's "Waterfalls" (including the "break it down") and most Reba McEntire songs.

12.  I have the WORST geographical knowledge, but a good sense of direction (hmm??)

13. I don't wear a wedding ring. (my first one broke, my second one fell in the ocean)

14. My boobs were once naturally a size 34"H" (a.k.a. frigging ridiculous)

15. I am half British, and (on an unrelated note) hate Australian accents

16. I love playing games (and accidentally hum songs through most of them)

17. I don't follow American Idol and i could never stand watching David Archuletta perform (gasp.....yes she did!)

18. Gave birth to both my babies inescapably without pain killers.

19. I use a fork to eat ice cream

20. I secretly pray for my life to be spared every time i take of in an airplane.

21. I have freckles from head to toe.

22. I love pulling weeds.

23. Eat all cereal and cookies with water.

24. My nostrils are about the same size as a newborn baby

25. I commonly mix dreams with reality(my husband loves this) for instance for years i believed that my grandma's dog could really smile on command, or yesterday that Adam mentioned he'd like to re-do the colors in our bedroom so it would "look less like a living room"

*and why, you ask, would anyone care about such useless information?'ll have to ask Facebook.

1 comment:

ArizonaLewis said...

robots, wedding rings, milk hatred- we have a lot more in common than i'm prepared to think about. next you're going to tell me you also bite your babies toenails.
you're still the best. and not just because you're like me.

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