Ta da!

I am so in love with my new "ID" charms. A few posts back i posted about those fingerprint necklace charms, and then they went on sale, so i ordered two (for my two kids). The "kit" (don't be intimidated ...extremely simple) arrived in one business day, and after i mailed it back it arrived back to me just as fast. I couldn't be more happy with it. I told my husband had he thought of and surprised me with it I'd have cried fo sho! (but he didn't, so i didn't) but i love it, and him, just the same :) 
*sorry my camera blows and can't focus on a close up zoom. If you want a better look at the charms, minus the stringy hair, click here (for all you lazies who don't want to just scroll down).


Nate, Kim, Lili and Baby Nate said...

ok so I loved the idea but I thought well that's cute but what do you do if you have 2 kids...duh you just do one for each. super cute!

Carolyn said...

no,save the $$ and just pick your favorite kid ;)

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