deck the halls?

Despite yesterdays triple digit temperatures, my very decisive and imaginative daughter felt it an appropriate day to throw her "Christmas in the summer" party that she has been dreaming of since basically last Christmas. In the morning she picked out decorations, music, movie, prizes and food, and together we mocked up our best Holiday spirits. (FYI: don't be sad if you weren't we planned this in about two hours)  Here are a few moments of her debut as party extraordinaire...
FYI: she was also a "kitty" from an earlier themed party we attended that morning.
Santa has a cow skin rug, right?
"sledding" on the stairs into the "snow"
You can see the crumbling look on Jacks face when all he got for a present was some crappy candy.  This kid didn't get the memo that this was only a pretend christmas, and has now lost all faith in santa clause.
A snow hat and a bikini?....
Lofthouse cookies are the BIZzzest!
Good job sweet Elyott, your party was a major success!  Do i smell a new tradition??  

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Shelly Smith said...

Carolyn I have to say I didn't know you were such a comedian. I love reading your blog and have to tell you that you have to be the most wonderful and patient mom in the entire world! I didn't think Elyott could top the pink dress/black wig, but I think she's out done herself! :0)


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