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This weekend, my friend Summer introduced me to a tragic story that i can't help but pass along, for this family needs all the prayers they can get. Being valley residents, many of you "Arizonians" may have already heard of this sweet family... 
Stephanie Nielsen is an amazing, dedicated, faithful, passionate, creative, inspiring, adorable, funny, (amongst many things) mother of four (not to mention excellent blogger). She has built up an amazing online following that is no surprise what-so-ever (take a look).  Incredibly hands on with her children and such a loving wife who has an outstanding take on life, she is an inspiration to me in so many avenues (and i don't even know this person!) 
Last week her and her husband survived a horrible plane crash and suffered severe burns on the majority of their bodies. They both remain in a chemical induced coma, in serious condition, and will be for at least the next three months while they undergo multiple skin grafting procedures. There are links from her site to her sister's blog who posts updates on their condition and their 4 sweet kids. Her incredible family's exemplary attitude, under these circumstances, is a great lesson to me of having faith in God's plan for us.  Check out their will be captivated.  
We all need reminders of living and loving life as Stephanie always seems to on her blog.  Life is fragile and always unexpected, but it is always in our power to strengthen our faith and live the most meaningful lives we can with the friends and family we love.
(At the top right of my page I've posted a link that was created for anyone to donate to this family to help sustain them in their time of recovery and rehabilitation, or if nothing else, just keep them in your prayers)

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