slow and steady.

In our home lately there seems to be added drama for every occasion:  after school meltdowns, bedtime aversions, wiggly family prayers, being-anywhere-but-your-chair meal time, kicking and screaming when playtime with friends ends, even "having" to go potty! Enter "toot sweets" jars (thank you Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). Frankly, i am tired of consoling children when they can't eat chips for dinner. The persuasive power of earning a trip to peter piper pizza is incredible, and as a consolation all i ask is for a few less tension headaches :)

I suppose i am also never off the hook.  If only i had a toot sweets jar to keep tabs on my life's progress. If i can get there, i am betting on heaven serving way better pizza ;)  I love this quote:
"The pattern for spiritual development is 'line upon line, precept upon precept' here a little and there a little. Small, steady, incremental spiritual improvements are the steps the Lord would have us take. Preparing to walk guiltless before God is one of the primary purposes of mortality and the pursuit of a lifetime; it does not result from sporadic spurts of intense activity." (David A. Bednar) 
Click here to view talk in its entirety.

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Eric and Addie said...

Hey, thanks for the sweet comment. You are so nice:) Um, I just have to tell you, that your blog rocks!!!
I love to read your stories, they are so funny and so are your pictures.
I might just have to try out the "buy a face painting kit and do each other."

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