SISTER shout out.

the Beauty Salon: an american institution...

(design by other very talented sister STEPHANIE of sayRED creative)

Strange then, that trips to your salon are about as satisfying as cutting your own bangs when you were twelve (thank you: unrealistic celebrity example pictures, bad neon lighting, and stylists who "know exactly what you mean"). Spare yourself this butchered fate: let Lisa Ebner give you the head of hair YOU intended. For once.

You don't like to complain... but it's not easy being gifted with good taste. You know what you want, and it has nothing to do with "mom" hair.  While we're at it, lets ditch the "mom" jeans and reclaim your dignity at that play date!

What happened, you ask, to the days when no matter how stringy or wind blown your hair was, it was still only a little hair spray away from "beach chic"? Admit it: we're just not that cute anymore.  At The Shed Salon get a taste of Lisa's appreciation of all things beautiful, where you can also find one of a kind vintage purses and jewelry to your hearts content!

So no matter to what extreme lengths we go to (oh, and we do) there should be nothing traumatizing about being pampered.  Therein lies her ultimate goal, which is to help you feel great, and that is by creating the best YOU!

(and yes, you'll keep that extra 3 inches thank you very much ;)
the Shed: (480).313.7747. blog.


Rachael Earl said...

DANG IT! I JUST made an appt w/ a new girl today! If she doesn't work out, I'll go to Lisa. Actually, I might just switch to Lisa anyways... By the way, the "E" is missing in FIVE.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (insert more exclamation points here)

Carolyn said...

it's pronounced fiiiiiiv....(like iiiigloo).

but i guess two inches never means "FIVE" either ;)

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