get shorty.

There once was a good boy name was Sheamus. For cuddles and smoochies was famous. A mild mannered boy, what a bundle of joy. Our sweet little monkey named Sheamus.
But one day his mother did think, "he is awfully big for that Bink"(2 1/2!). So they gathered them all, gave "binky fairy" a call. "This plan, (this monkey thought) stinks!"
Then Kung Foo Panda they did see, that way "he could still feel happy", but this munchkin was smart and payback was an art, "oh how they'll wish that they never crossed me!"
It was this day "kung Foo Tiger" was stirred, he'd wake up like a buffalo herd (and also before the sun), while his mom tried to sleep, without making a peep, this "tiger" started acting absurd.
Our shy "Mo's" still in there too, he comes out when the growling is through, despite throwing toys at my head, throwing fits before bed, this boy is still sweet through and through!
the end.


Eric and Addie said...

oh my gosh, that was really good. That totally could be in a book :) I am still so surprised at how naughty my boys are. They basically make me insane!!

Artsy Aut said...

That was awesome. Great post. I love checking your blog!

S & K said...

Ok so how glad am I that I found your super cute/funny blog. You gotta love blog hopping or stalking--call it what you will. This post was so cute, you've got some literary talent my friend. Don't worry I'll be checking back regularly--don't disappoint!

Christopher said... binks is gone? How long did that take? How many weeks did you say: "Yes, we're going to start weening him off of binks next week."?

Tracy Haws said...

Hello friend! So I'm ashamed to admit that I just posted on my blog after a month or so absence and so I just found your comment...I'm so glad you found me! I LOVE your blog and feel like I've gotten to catch up a bit on your family. Your children are beautiful!

Lindsay Brummer said...

way too cute!!! i love it.

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