fool for boos

For mother's day while Sheamus and Adam went camping, Elyott Sonny and I  had a "night to ourselves." With no boys around (to tell us we were annoying) Elyott requested we speak in proper British accents...for a full 24 hours :) In the morning Elyott's church activity group had a momy daughter "tea party" and muffin breakfast where Elyott did my fancy makeup and hair (and got creative with my awkward long bangs). After, we hit up IKEA very rouged and glamorous. I was the attention seeking idiot who, in addition to my tammy faye makeup, also shoved a large rug, shelving unit, two kids and a already assembled desk hanging out the trunk of my very small vehicle. 

Adam wasn't there to naysay, so I could :) Booyah.

In his Kindergarden class, Sheamus gave me a "5 minutes of 'Me-time" bath salts, which he immediately confiscated and used for his own bath that night. What a little jerk. 

At least he smells good.

Speaking of mothers, while staying at my house a few weekends ago, my mom was standing at the foot of my bed with this mask and wig when i woke up. I basically lost 3 years of my life in one desperate moment of terror.

Here's to keeping motherhood light.

team Boo 's you


Valerie said...

The kids are growing up! They look so much older than I remember. Hope you are doing well! Glad to read a post (in a very non-creepy way).

communikate. said...

You look hot with long bangs. I'm in the same length/stage and I hate it. HATE IT! (so much emotion about hair here.)

But seriously come back soon eh? Every two months for a post kind of suuuuucks.

prettybaby said...

you are too funny. that mask is so freaky to me, eek. xx

Kelli Anderson said...


Maybelline said...

Keep posting! Pretty pretty please :) you're too hilarious not to and I need some hilarity in my life right now :)

Brissa said...

i love your mom. i don't even know her and i love her. and elyott for making you speak in proper british accents for 24 hours. sounds like my kinda party.

kathleen said...

hey boo, ive missed you on this interwebs!

Family Travellers said...

Just stumbled on your blog. Seems like you have an awesome outlook on parenthood. Your blog is great and I look forward to following it. BTW, I recognize the universal carpeted walls on your church photo.

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