first and last

May 2012
Aug 2011
Now that school is over we are all a little older and wiser. Some of us are taller. We've added scars and medications. Made new friends and said goodbye to others. Changed hairstyles and shoe sizes... 

But most importantly....Elyott can babysit (kinda)!! Only for short little spurts so Adam and I can do lame things like go to wal-mart together. But still, it is so awesome I could kiss every Walmart employee on the mouth. I won't. 
I could. But I really shouldn't.
Jazz hands.

team Boo 's you


Kelli Anderson said...

i pray so badly that i am as rad and babealicious as you when i have three kids.

la said...

They look so much older! Who'd have thought kids would look so different over the course of the school year? I'm going to do that this year. Well, probably I will forget, but I will wish I did it!

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