(un) Funny Girl

*(not funny)

Soooooo....What the "H" boo?
What happened to blogging through your school fog? liar.

That's me.
A fatty fat fatty overshooting liar.
Actually i wasn't lying, cause i still have plans, and the intent is pure.
 but i'm gathering momentum and skillz.
(momentum and skillz? sounds cryptic...and a lot like another lie.)

The good thing about school? more frequent (socially pressured) showering. 
The bad? There is no time for anything else (that doesn't have a pulse and live in my house).

It's hard to learn serious crap and make "awesome jokes". Unless it's at someone else's expense, which i don't like to do publically (like the adorable old lady-teenage-apple doll in my class who at her ripe old apple doll age never fails to be age-inappropriately dressed. Complete with half up half down long hair and jean mini skirts) I don't really feel like I can bust out joke-less posts around here any more. I set the tone and now i am married to it. (Wow, I think i just broke my horn's tooting chain. yay metaphors!) It's just that I'm feeling a bit comically retarded at the moment (please no one email me about cavalierly using the word "retarded").

Okay so scratch that, i'm not saying i am so awesome and funny. Let's instead say weird, humorously awkward?...okay, idiotic (said in boring voice). Unfortunately these clssasic "d-list knee slappers" (?) have been violently displaced from my brain by the square roots of standard deviations and polyatomic ions . I'll give you 10 dollars if you can make a joke out of that. And you can't say "your face is a standard deviation" cause i already tried that.

(it works every time, and also never). could tell me some of your funny stories/funny things you've seen on the web (minus animal videos. I exhausted that avenue last week).

team Boo 's you


Ariel said...

We have major humor problems over here too...apparently my husband thinks going back to school for your Masters, working full-time in the military (read: be on call 24/7...and be annoyed 24/7), trying to parent 2 littles, and moving homes, all while trying to work-out, eat right, and be a human is pretty damn near impossible, and yet he is doing it all (read: I am doing a LOT of it). I am glad someone else who is cool is up to their eyeballs in standard deviations, cause' so am I and I may look busy but I don't know what I am doing....why did I say I would take over the research class???? Boo for school...but it is the only way we can get out of the YAY for graduate school! YAY!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

I found a pair of my underwear on the community dryer while doing laundry one day. I thought that was pretty funny and equal parts humiliating & mortifying! See story here:

Jeanine Reunion said...

Are you taking statistics too?
You go girl!

Your mamma's face!

Anonymous said...

Q: What do chemists call a benzene ring with iron atoms replacing the carbon atoms? 

A: A ferrous wheel: 
Fe - Fe
/ \
Fe Fe
\ /
Fe - Fe

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