all day long i'd biddy biddy bum...

{my kids doing the "free-est" thing there is. yay crayons.}

The following conversations took place in the very same day:

Sheamus: "Mom, can we have a sale?" (a fudge, otter pop, lemmy he sometimes earns money for a toy he is saving up for)
Me: "sorry charlie, not today."
Sheamus: "awe man, but I just love money money money!"
Me: (break out into muffled radio voice) "the best things in life are free. but you can give them to the birds and bees, i want MONEY. that's what i want."
Sheamus: (total confusion)
Elyott: "There is this boy in my class who is in a contest to win like a thousand dollars. If he wins, then ALL the pretty girls will like him!"

Me: (speechless)

There appears to be a very delicate line between trying hard to make sure my kids realize the value of money and making them straight up obsessed with it. I try to make sure that going to a store does not always end with a toy. Or that as a family we have to wait for special occasions to be "fancy" (for instance, buying drinks with our drive through order) One time while at our friend's house (a fancy friend's house) they ordered a pizza and had it delivered. Elyott's jaw just about hit the floor.

Now I know there is a natural correlation that can be drawn at a very young age that money = entertainment, stuff and convenience. But screw you reality TV (and the music industry) for making it so obvious to my second grader that even the jankiest of wealthy men have flocks of beautiful woman vying for their affections. It's a disgrace i tell you! see Elyott, regardless of how much a man can earn...ugly girls like money too.

team Boo 's you


Christallion said...

I'm sure if you point out what a loser Adam is, and how beautiful her mother is, she'd see that even ugly, dorky guys can get the pretty girl. Its all about loooove.

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

Ahhh hahah oh that is so funny! Who knew that in second grade you would have your priorities straight!?

Just wanted to say I love your're so honest and funny!


kathleen said...

kids view of money is so strange. i grew up thinking we were so poor because my mom wouldnt buy me squeeze its or light up tennis shoes. and in my mind if i couldnt have it, it was because it was too expensive.
ps- i like how sonny is coloring- so cute!

Brittany. said...

haha kids minds are constantly working, shows how the media is changing how people think.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

I'm obsessed with your kids. I love what a luxury delivered pizza is when you're young. (Myself included.)

Toni said...

yikes! but so so funny! they know whats going on, right! hehe! your blog is so funny!

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