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I am still working tirelessly on my valentines video, but my computer can't seem to handle all the love! ...hopefully by tonight? While you wait, between my computer crashes i will share Sheamus's sweet valentine to his daddy:

"dear dad-
Happy valentines day. I wonder when we are gonna play video games? Help Sonny be safe. Now the Valentines card is almost ready and i wish your wish comes true when you wish upon a star. Don't litter the earth and I hope you be healthy and don't yell at people. And when I'm done with this card make a valentine card for me, ok. I love you. 
team Boo 's you


Lauren Elizabeth said...

sheamus's valentine is the sweetest ever!

happy v-day!!!!

Valerie said...

oh this made me laugh alot. I love his deep concern about his brothers safety.

kelly said...

i just wish my life allowed for time to make vids. I will live through you and watch the cleaver ones you post. you're better at it anyway.

MaryPosa said...

Wishes on stars are the best. Good thinking Sheamus!

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