M.I.A (gunshots included)

Hey guess what, I'm alive!
Did you wonder why i abandoned you?
Were you worried that I got in a terrible accident?
Were you cold and afraid?
Or should i get over myself and just write a stupid post already?

but first you want to hear something ironic?
whenever i shut my face (my blog face)...i gain readers.
what does that tell me?
it's completely confusing. and i should be insulted.
I won't though cause it takes a lot to offend me. 
seriously. I think it's because i just give the universe so much ammo to use against me.
For instance...I am sitting at the table, in my trusty cutoff ACDC shirt, with one engorged boob, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids playing in the 11:00am...on a Thursday. (insider tip that makes this even more pathetic: last night when i was sleeping and my milk started to leak, i changed out of said ACDC shirt so i wouldn't get milk rings on it, then put it back on in the morning)

ANYway. I am in mexico.
pretending like the internet doesn't work (it totally does)
eating delicious mangoes with chili flakes
letting my kids risk getting lice to have their hair braided on the beach
and reapplying sunscreen like its nobody's business.
(i am terrified of the sun...and the ocean. Wait, why am i here?)
Oh ya, cause im not in AZ
and that's the only reason i need.

...and the reason i haven't been posting.
sorry charlies. Arriba!

team Boo's you

(p.s. my kids hate when i call them "charlies")


abby said...

man i don't miss the milk rings. but then you go and post a picture of your cute babe and i'm all sorts of confused.

(rocky point?)

Taylor K said...

I get less hits the more often I post. Weird. Also, I lost another follower this week. Now I'm down to 100. I really hope I don't go to 99. Have fun in Mexico this week. Have a taco for me.

Michelle said...

sonny looks so much like sheamus in that pic! Guess the hair really makes a difference!

ArizonaLewis said...

was it the 98 degrees in mid october that pissed you off? i'm with you. stupid, stupid arizona. i have to rename my blog. and identity.

Caroline said...

Gahhhhh I've missed your blog and I don't read it nearly enough and that will change!! Reading this post put a smile on my face from ear to ear. Enjoy Mexico and keep on enjoying life. MUCH love! xo oh and your little ones are so so cute!!

Kera said...

milk rings are gross.

Sara said...

I want to go to Mexico and pretend I don't get internet service!

Short Leg Lucy said...

Hahahaha I laughed so hard reading this! Thaaank you :] a much needed laugh

my name is lauren. said...

thanks for the update. yay for being in mexico and NOT arizona :).

just wanted to say thank you for your encouraging comments on my post the other day. i'm still scared about being a mommy, but it really is helpful seeing mommies like yourself who can do it and still be fun :). keep on being a fun and inspiring mommy!


Rinny said...

what a cutie!
and a cute blog.


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