look how amazing i am, i'm playing with my kid...

 (okay, that title sounds bitter. I promise i'm not. K maybe a little. Just kidding, that would be lame. Even if i were bitter, I wouldn't tell you. Actually i probably would....shut up, your face is bitter!)

I've seen this project like a bajillion times, so i thought we'd give it a go.
Don't be fooled by the pretty colors...cause it may not be all its cracked up to be (hint: it's not). I think it caught on because people probably want to look all artsy and hands on, but what they're not telling you is you will most likely get stuck at the counter peeling 95% of the 200 broken crayons cause your kid is being a spaz about having "yucky hands."  Your thumb will be throbbing for three days from the rainbow of wax jammed under your thumb will also ruin your cute little heart rubber ice trays. 

It was, however, a good way to get this kid to stop changing his clothes 27 times a day, stop flipping off the furniture like a maniac, and just kick it with his ma. So i guess it was a success after all :)

this weekend:

high: I ran 12 miles on Saturday, hooray!
( my toenails are falling off)

high: My hair is finally starting to stop falling out in clumps. super nast. (hair in everything. you can't hide from it. its a post pregnancy nightmare)
(but...also, someone left me a comment to let me know i looked like "FLO the progressive insurance lady". sweet. I used to cringe when I got "Amanda Bynes" who isn't bad but all i hear is "hi, you have chubby cheeks". Sorry "Mr. Apricot"...this is worse)

"bitterness on aisle three"

team boo 's you


abby said...

not even. at all.

Melissa said...

I think it must be the style or something. I don't see it either. Good job on the 12 miles! LOVE running over here. You must be training for a marathon? AND wax projects suck! You're blog is funny. I don't even know how I found it, but you make me laugh!

MaryPosa said...

Ugh. my hair does that too. Huge clumps of horibleness. The very best is when your delightful offspring yanks it out and you're pulling it out of their moth for the rest of the day. gross.

And P.S. your face is a billions times hotter than Madame Progressive. A billions. Literally.

kelly said...

oh no no no. no resemblance.

Taylor K said...

You look nothing like her. The heart crayons are cute. Sorry about your sore thumbs.

kate lines said...

not even a little bit.

i get amanda bynes all the time.

communikate. said...

nope.. no resemblance whatsoever!

however that crayola thing sounds like a nightmare. when i was younger my cousin and i got the bright ideaa to melt crayons between wax paper with the iron. we ruined the iron and my aunts brand new white shirt from nordstrom's. all hell broke loose.

good times.

prettybaby said...

you don't look like her!! ha ha ha ha! i think sometimes people see one similarity and it just connects something to another person (maybe the red lipstick). i used to wear big hoop earring all the time and my hair in a bun and I got JLo all the time. to the point where i just started singing "i'm still jenny from the block" at inappropriate times. xx

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