mr. sun

if there ever were an answer, it's more love.

*side note: tonight i got this boy out of bed, but not for him, and even though i know it will be a set back. (he was crying which is what we have come to expect as he learns to sleep through the night.) My motive was completely selfish and completely worth it. For tonight i have been balling my eyes out reading about
this amazing mother. Thank you Kathleen for being such a true example to me of faith in Heavenly Father.
team boo 's you


Jackie said...

Happy to see you're blogging again!

leigh said...

Look at that sweetie pie! Is he the cute little booger that has kept you too busy to Blog? I'm so glad that you're finding your way back to us. I've missed you!

kathleen said...

its like a mini sheamus!

kathleen said...

carolyn, you are too sweet. i am certainly not the most amazing mom and i just want to let you know that i always feel better when i read your blog because you are so honest about how motherhood really is. it isnt fabulous, it sometimes makes you go crazy but in the end, its beautiful and its a gift we have been given :). pLUS your kids are adorable and hilarious!! if your ever in fl or im in az, i totally want to hang out!

Sara said...

I want to cover his cheeks in apple butter, turn his little face into a crepe and just nibble on it.

He's so cute!

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