juuuust chill.

Pretty sure i'd like a couple of these for my porch where my lover and i could eat popsicles and watch the kids tear up the yard. 

He might be mad at first for buying them, but then he'd thank me for such a stylish afternoon (no he wouldn't)

team boo 's you
(...and online shopping)


Megan Marie said...

I'm pretty sure that post you were thinking of is here. It's the only one I recall with Duct Tape swords. My dad makes them all of the time! I'll email you a couple of more recent photos with a better view of the swords. :)

Bridget said...

loove that chair. he will definitely thank you (nope, you are right, he won't)

kelly said...

Where is that chair from anyway? i love it too. It looks metal and low maintenance.

My in-laws know the Carmacks. My husband grew up in the ward they are in- Fairport.
I don't think I personally have ever met him or his family, but I probably have- I'm just cool and don't remember anybody's names. My in-laws have been here forever.
What's your connection to Aaron?

Taylor K said...

Nice chair. I would eat snowcones on them with my pretend boyfriend.

Carolyn said...

taylor you are awesome :)

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