whip it good.

Every year i get so jazzed for Halloween
and every year I am so frigging sick of it by late October.
Mostly because my house is cluttered and dark with moss and skulls.
...Or is it my kids 47 costume changes?

I fully intended to put together a Bearded Lady gettup.
Or (in me and an my friend Summer's fantasy) members of a roller derby team
But after the Halloween party burnout
I was a little depleted,
and just lucky to not smell like a burlap sack.

{*side note: how awesome was the movie Whip IT ?
how much did it wish you were really really good at roller skating?
and do it while wearing fishnets and red lipstick?
and a reason to have neon streaks in your hair and an alter ego??
For this might be my undiscovered talent...
in that it'd justify my tendency to fall like 900 times while i play sports,
....and also I could elbow people in the face.
oooh and Kristin Wigg and i could finally be BFF's.
And isn't it relieving to see Juliette Lewis pick a movie role around her regular one piece jumpsuit wardrobe and akwardly awesome personality?
Maybe people could call me "Thunderstruck"...
oooh or "Team Bruise"
plus look how much fun they're having...

Wait, what were we talking about?? 
OH yes....Halloween was fun. Though I didn't dress up, my sweet kids did.
see how cute they are...

team boo 's you


missy. said...

your kids look freaking amazing!! loved their costumes.

AbbieBabble said...

I love their faces in the last picture. So adorable!

Carlita said...

i loooooved whip it. and agree with everything you've said here. except i wish we could kick drew off the team. that laugh was too much drew for everyone involved.

Jalene said...

i agree... so cute!!!

Caroline said...

OH MY..... ADORABLE!!!!!!

The Payne family said...

So Elyott is totally a Kate Hudson mini me in that top picture. Has someone ever made that connection before?

ArizonaLewis said...

i remember your post last year about halloween. the pictures motivated me to step it up in the decor department. i thought of you every time i passed my spiderweb covered front room and thought "when can i take all of this crap down?"

you see, you're an inspiration.

maybe one day i'll have a 3rd kid too.

Summer said...

Fantasy?! I have been secretly practicing so I can have a 3 month head start. I mean COME ON! We would make an amazing pair.... with your stride and my ability to be small and by the time you have your baby, I'll be very fast!

Renee said...

Can I be on yours and Summer's roller derby team? I already have a name. Rage Charles. (blind joke = funny)

Your kids, as always, are adorable.

Carolyn said...

Renee- YES! Love the name :)

Jens- No Kate Hudsons, but a lot of Dakota Fannings.

MaryPosa said...

Whip It was completely amazing. I wish I were a clever person so that I could make up some awesome derby girl name. the best i've come up with is Mary Macabre. lame i know.

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