country fool.

What is it about summertime that makes me crave country music?? Granted some songs are cheery, catchy and even mainstream....but generally the lyrics are such an entertaining mess!  I drive in my car feeling ambivalence while my soul both swells with nostalgia, then slowly dies a little at the ridiculouness that is twang.

But even i know it's never too late to come to your senses, and come August I'll likely do just that....and it will all be over faster than you can say "cameltoe".


Broadobalds said...

Amem, sister. Amen.

Amanda Bowen said...

just say no to wranglers and rockies!!! and snap up plaid shirts although i saw a cute one online that i almost bought.

ps. GAC is on while i write this.

Jasmine said...

those pictures are hilarious! i love them. i've been really in the mood for garth brooks and ryan adams lately (actually i'm allllllways in the mood for ryan adams b/c he is amazing). i guess that counts as country!

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