jungle fever.

Sheamus: "mom, did you get married in the Jungle?"
Me: "do you mean a temple? we got married in the temple..."
Sheamus: "No, the JUN-GLE....When i get married, i'm gonna marry a RACE the jungle."
...just in case you don't know Sheamus personally, he rocks. 
see. *This same weekend Elyott asked me how old I was when i got married.  I told her 19. {Which is true, but silly, i mean reeeally guys} When she heard this she exclaimed "WOW, thats a little number to get married!!" So wise that girl. least i didn't marry a race car. {har!! see what i did there??...oh shut up.}


Chandra said...

Where do kids come up with this stuff? It amazes me what they think up.

Both of your kids rock! Thanks for the laughs. :)

S and K said...

Sheamus does rock!!! Such cute little ones you have....I think you should have MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!

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