won't you be my neighbor?

we have new neighbors. we had extra birthday cake...a seemingly perfect recipe for making a friend, right? After all, I could always hide behind my daughter's adorably friendly personality (and wouldn't even have to make a stitch of conversation) just incase they were nut-jobs
They weren't. 
In fact they trumped our leftover cake with a freshly made caramel apple for us to take home ('oh no, you shouldn't have....OKAY!') Thankfully (cause that apple was goo-oooood) that was before Elyott asked the very un-pregnant female if she had a baby in her tummy (simultaneously taking the liberty to give it a few pats) I spewed out some nervous laughter, and babbled something about her being in pajamas blah blah blegh! My social skills, or lack thereof, did not bail me out of this introduction to say the least.  
Now who's the nut-job?

(to top it off: i can't remember if i explained the content of this note either...)

Sweet Elyott...overflowing with charm, but still working on tact :)

*UPdate- the neighbor WAS expecting, but didn't know yet!!'s that for a sixth sense ;)


Lindsay Brummer said...

okay, the note was FUNNY! I cringed at the belly patting... How did you not laugh?!?

Cali Girl said...

your children are precious. every post makes me smile only more. the things they say.... and shouldn't say!

did the new neighbor smile/cry when your daughter did that?

have you talked to the neighbor since... :o)

and.. im still not getting this.."the dike" ... what was she trying to say? xo.

Maybelline said...

haaa! k , seriously please make your blog into a book and sell it, i'd be the 1st to buy it! this post:one that had my anti blog hubb-a dubs roooolin. amazing writing chica ;)

my fave: "simultaneously taking the liberty to give it a few pats."

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