Nie Yoga!

Last night I went to Stephanie Nielson's Yoga class now lovingly taught by, her best friend and Blissful Living Studios co-worker, Reachel. In her honor and in efforts to supplement her recovery fund, they are donating the proceeds of the class directly to her family.  I have never done yoga, but decided this cause was a good enough reason to try it out.  It is $15 per class (or $85 for the whole month) Mondays and Thursdays...and i most definitely recommend it!  
So even if you're broke, and especially if your just "cheap", we all need to relax, we all could use more exercise, and we all can give a little love for Nie. I will be going Thursday @7:00 pm if anyone would like to join :)
*(i posted the info for the class above. A bigger version of this, as well as more on her story, can also be found here)
♥making connections is oxygen for life...Live beautifully like nie!

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Eric and Addie said...

hey just wanted to tell you yesterday i was at walmart, saw your fancy hair washing cup, bought it, tried it, and loved it!! very nice, who knew such a cool looking cup could do such wonders for hair washing thanks for the tip.

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