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My beautiful mother had a birthday this week.  And since i didn't get to see her on her birthDAY, i will pay tribute to all her years of being such an awesome style.  

Born in England, you enthusiastically sang us the always bizarre, but nevertheless catchy, nursery rhymes that are forever branded into my memory (Ging Gang Goo, Eenie Meanie Macarack, Oh 'carolyn' you are a funion, etc.)  As a little girl I loved your flowing Farrah Fawcet hair, the way you'd push the breaks to the beat of the music at a stop light, your snow white song voice.  And I indirectly thank you for the things you taught us by default: organization skills and cleanliness (when we'd have to clean your bedroom or the linen closet for punishment ;) and responsibility (taping oprah for you everyday after school).  p.s. i forgive you for thinking i was a lesbian in junior high (in your defense i did dress like one).

I still love the way: you laugh at everything your kids say, are the biggest "line crosser" i know, your beautiful smile, how much you love my kids, the lengths you go to to get everyone on family trips, the way you love games even though you suck at most of them, your love for all things "bejeweled", the way you are so easily impressed by your childrens' creativity, your loyalty, your acceptance, that you let your cheapskate children organize your house as your "present", how easy you are to be around, and never to forget my thanks for birthing me, even though you gained 80 lbs during pregnancy!!

(grandma's amazing glasses)

Adorable on your wedding day. So wishing you still had that dress (and again loving grandma's white girl afro)

Happy Birthday mommy dearest, i love love love you!

*(also: thank you for never beating us with wire hangers :)

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Tegan said...

This is s beautiful, so well written.. and awww, I think I shed a tear. I hope I can be just a little bit like you someday. And I hope that 'appreciation for my mum' sense of being comes soon for me.
Thanks for being awesome - you're a massive inspiration for me already! :)

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