baby got baaaaaack.

I know you all have just been dying for a new post (and by "you all" I mean the random person that stumbles upon my site after a botched google search)...and myself of course.  I hope you guys don't read this blog and imagine: "hmm, this girl is alright"...cause someday you might meet me and be like, "wait what? you're the teamBoo from the 'interweb'"  And then be all: "she's kinda lame, what's up with those jean shorts anyway?"  Don't say i didn't warn you.  

I just have so much randomness in my head.  It usually manifests itself in song, but even my two year old is tired of that, and my Rummikub know who you are (please like me still :)  So just tell me if its too much....just kidding i don't care.

"Where did you go?"(you're wondering) A better question: Where didn't i go!? heh.  well, actually just to california.

to eat corn dogs with this guy....


Christopher said...

Sadly I get to see you in person all too often and think "Man she really is only clever in her blog. Lamo" ;) Your humming is the equivalent annoying-ness of my sentence completing :D NOT AT ALL cause I'm not annoying when I complete your sentences.

Carolyn said...

"I will cut you!"

(said in my best japanese accent, of course).

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