This is not a vacation blog.

Before we reacquaint on the wrong foot...contrary to what the last few have been (and the next few posts will be), I promise this blog is not all about my "lavish" family vacations. In fact they are quite void of all traces of lavishness...

-We get "vacation poo" just like everybody else; The kind where it stops coming out of your body no matter how much candy and cheetos you feed it (where is it all going??) 
-Our baby's sleeping schedule gets whacked and he screams like a banshee most minutes he is awake. 
-Our photo ops consist of me bossing everyone, Adam being annoyed with me for stopping "again", snapping a few contrived photos where none of my kids look at the camera, and then go on basically ignoring me the rest of the time. Until I buy them more toys (parent of the year?) 
 -87 people being stuffed into a hotel room for a week straight most of which are children under 6. 
-And lots of car sickness driving with pink duct tape holding the gear shifter together :)

We are in our formative "character building" years! Where you are a sucker to your children's demands in fear of public humiliation and you're never as showered as you want to be. This is a blog about my actual life, in which we occasionally tag along on a free-ish vacation with my parents :)

team Boo 's you


Jacie Saltzman said...

i am so happy you are blogging again. mainly because u are my favorite person to blog stalk. yes i know that is borderline creepy and weird. anyways, hope ur vaca poo has gone away and everything is back to normal.

Kelli Anderson said...

this is hilarious and perfect in every way.

kate said...

you are the very best.

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