salt in my wound

I have been eyeing Saltwater sandals for Elyott for at least 4 years now. Every time i go to buy them i just can't bring myself to spend 40 bucks on kids sandals. Mostly cause i know that it won't change the fact that she tucks her t-shirts into her stretch pants. This summer i almost took the plunge and bought her some from j crew. Again, i got cold feet and decided to wait.  

And booyah to the universe cause, wouldn't you know, that very same week i found some mint condition saltwater sandals at the thrift store in her exact size with the 1980's Mervyns sticker still attached!! 

"Ha! my frugality has finally been validated!" i thought. I paid the 4 dollars with my middle finger and cartwheeled my way home to show off my goods.  Even more amazing was that Elyott approved! "Try them on" i urged with my stupid faced Wallace and Gromit grin. They fit! 


Turns out old leather doesn't age well. I kept them around a few days in denial hoping there would be some way to will the fibers back together with my sorrow, but all it did was piss me off more. Not only did she not have the cute shoes to wear but i was out 4 bucks that i could have put toward new ones (i still wouldn't have) okay so at least some gas station nachos or something.

Basically there is no moral to this story. Except for maybe the fact that the universe doesn't give a kitten's fart about what i do or don't buy for my 8 year old's feet. In which case i would say "touche' universe"

BUT then again maybe it does care, and it just really hates those shoes?? Either way...$2 Old Navy flip flops it is!

team Boo 's you


Bonnie said...

"I paid the 4 dollars with my middle finger and cartwheeled my way home to show off my goods."

You know the perfect way to tickle my funny bone.

kelli case anderson said...

i love this team boo.

littlegypsy. said...

:) awesome.

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