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Bon-jor (no accent). Now that i'm writing about my trip from home it feels way more annoying to act Fronch. Not that i really did it there. France was much more beautiful and clean than i remember. It is probably because the first time i went i was on a senior trip staying in seedy hotels with hairballs in the beds, and this time we stayed at the Hilton Arc de Triomphe. I felt like Eloise (minus the ratty hair)...cozy robes, running up the stairs to beat my brothers in the elevator (i lost) and sleeping on a feather dream of a bed. Much appreciated after a long night on the train. I was so fancy you wouldn't have even believed my fronchiness. If Adam were there I would have totally Fronch kissed his face off right in the lobby. But only cause we were in Paris, cause otherwise gross.

(my cute mom)
First stop: Eiffel tower! (smaller than i remembered) We got to the top right at sunset. Which was perfect because last time I went it was dark :/ It was so crowded though that we managed to get separated from my parents in the some 1500 square feet at the top?? We caught one of the few metros home before they shut down due to some local rioting in the streets. Bottles flying. Men fighting. total bananas. I scary. 

Some equally sketchy dude on the metro asked if i wanted a picture with him. I didn't cause i figured it was some new weird way to get tourists money, or pickpocket them (which by the way "you got to pick a pocket or two" was stuck in my head about 95% of my trip) Anyway it turns out he was "looking for a new girlfriend because his other one can't stop the 'coca' and he has been clean for 11 days." As enticing as it was to fill those shoes, i opted for just the picture :)

Since my parents were total Metro spazzes they caught one of the last trains BUT ended up miles from where they needed to be. Due to the street fighting they could not catch a cab and ended up walking home until 3:30 in the morning. Talk about midnight in Paris! 

We visited the Notre Dame too. I gave my little brothers the option of having me tap dance the rest of the way there or acting like a hunchback. They chose the tap dancing. I think the latter would have been more appropriate (more offensive?) but whatever. Either way both refused to walk next to me. 

(You'll have to excuse my brother chris, no one ever showed him how to not make a handicapped face in pictures.)

Can you believe that I didn't even remember to eat an eclair while i was there!? What a dummy! I even took the advice and looked up this little fronchy place that the fabulously stylish and newly Parisian Jordan Ferney recommended. So, if you are going to Paris go there and eat one for me! strike that....if we're gonna do this eat at least 5 for me (i have no will power).

p.s. It was finally cool enough to wear my blazer too. Except i don't like how butch i look in all the pictures with it implemented. It was seriously so hot in Italy and Spain and i was starting to feel a little dumb for building it up so much before i left (okay so its still dorky that i did) Cause now when i wear it here people are like "SOOO, is that the one!?" and then i'm like "aw this old well yes" and then i am annoyed with myself that i share such dumb things on such a public forum. Where was i?? Paris! yes....I intentionally didn't pack the classic stripes because that would be trying to hard since i was also toting a honking camera and "fanny" (I totally snobbed at the tourists who did. shhh)

p.p.s. if you are not drooling from boredom (or jealousy) come back to read Paris part deux tomorrow. It involves a little more tap dancing and a lot more immaturity.

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communikate. said...

ah parie.

this was hilarious. i loved all the fronchy bits about it.

kelly : pinetothepacific said...

i love this so much. fronchness suits you!

Mead said...

I also LOVE your Fronchness, and all that you have to say about it.....I also love your description of our senior're lovely and always have been, even on your first trip to France. I often wish that I would have been single and fabulous my entire way through high school, maybe we would have been more Fronch! And....most likely wore stripes!

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