loved by the sun

What is the difference between the horn of a unicorn and a lock of Sonny's curly hair? 

If you ask Elyott she'd give you an endless array of very logical contrasts. But to me (and i speak for mothers all across the land) there is none. Every mother who is in denial about the ridiculousness of her son's hair has her own breaking point. For me it wasn't the 95% of strangers who ooh and ahh over my "adorable baby girl". People are just idiots (myself included). My moment of clarity came when a nice petite lady at church picked him up and his Willy Wonka fro made him look like a freaky giant Maury Povich baby.

My children have big heads, there is no way around that. But i gotta throw a kid a bone when homeboy starts to dwarf adults.

This kid is pushing 16 months and still doesn't walk or say any words (although i am pretty sure he is fluent in French?). Yet he has a full head of luscious Renesmee hair making it harder and harder to live up to his age (and gender). So I held my breath and decided to give his crazy white boy coif a little snip...and guess what??

...he is still Sonny, his hair is still curly...and and much to my maternal delight the light of the universe was not destroyed

team Boo 's you


chelsey meyer said...

i love his one curl you left, and your stache.

Brissa said...

the curl-hawk is going to be the new fad and that stache made my day.

Jackie said...

Aw! I love me some curly haired babies! :)

stacie and geoffrey... said...

He looks so cute! I'm tempted to chop V's hairs off now!

Renee said...

Hahahahaha I love you.

Seriously, the number one piece of advice I give to new moms? GIVE YOUR BABY A HAIRCUT! When I look at Lennon's baby pictures, I just cringe at those wisps I was holding onto. Fortunately for you, Sonny looks adorable in both the before and after.

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