Imagine while you look at these pictures my kids whining the whole time:
"this huuuurts!"
"my legs are tired!!"
"the sun is so bright!" (we were standing in the shade)
"stop saying Sonny's name daddy!"

That pretty much summed up how awesome they acted all day. 
In your faces though children because I choose to take this as a compliment. 
Why you ask?
Because now i know that you know that since i am such a beacon of patience and understanding of your age appropriate didn't even get punched one time :)

team Boo 's you


communikate. said...

you look hot lady!!

lovin' your hair and that great dress.

Kara said...

You looked extra beautiful today, just FYI.

Ariel said...

Fashion re-cap please...I am loving the shoe/dress/hair/make-up combo!

Lindsay Brummer said...

cute pics... my kids were naughty all day too ;)

Swirls of Happy said...

You look so gorgeous!!!!!

Broadobalds said...

I really love this picture and I really love those shoes. Nice work on everything!

Ashley said...

hahahahah i lovvve your blog name and the saying under it...your so cute... just found your blog!

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