if i had a hammer.

Most of my projects are done without shoes (and are finished by Adam). There's a really obvious dirty joke in there that i'm much too ladylike to make, but just barely. When i wake up in a project-y mood, i hit the ground running. So unless i sleep in my shoes, i will be barefoot. Plus i live in Arizona so we can do that 75% of the year (but the other 25% of the time they will be sizzled to the bone).
This week i cut and cleared out the negative space underneath the stairs to make a "secret hideout" for my kids slash place where nerdy magicians can sleep. After Adam installed the electrical (cause i don't mess with that crap) I started installing drywall...yes, barefoot. Sheamus hammered everything in sight while Elyott cleared out the screws and old soda cans left by the builders years ago. When my kids asked why there were soda cans in the walls i told them it was because the little mice had a party. Neither of them thought it was cute that i said that. Just scary. So i told them the boring truth...they never get my jokes. 

Speaking of my kids thinking i'm annoying, they also don't appreciate when i try to cheer them up by humming (actually "bling-blinging") the sad Charlie Brown tune when they are pouting with their heads hung theatrically low. Or when i start singing a lullaby in my (gorgeous) normal voice, but then my Clarabelle the cow voice takes over and makes every song hilarious for everyone involved (me). But I think they secretly love that one. 

Anyway, I am excited to finish the hideout because then Sonny can actually play downstairs again without the risk of him sucking on a nasty old Fanta can. And then i won't keep getting dust in the painful split that has developed in my big toe. I know what you're thinking...I could just start wearing shoes. But much like my immature parenting tactics, you could also ask: where is the entertainment...the being so sensible? 

That's what i thought.

team Boo 's you


Swirls of Happy said...

I can't wait to see what it looks like when you are done! It sounds awesome, and I like the whole barefoot idea. I too get splits in my feet from always being barefoot (must be an AZ thing...?) Anyhoo, cut pic of you and your babies!!! Happy Monday.
P.S. Sheamus with a hammer...every little boys dream...demolition!!!

cara. said...

your blog is the only blog i think i comment on. i got to get better at it. i promise i read.

for your first line alone, i love you.

Quinton J said...

yeah...can't wait to see it finished...

Heather said...

hahaha! oh my goodness you are too cute! You sold me at the title of your blog. Seriously. It made me smile hugely. What a fun idea for you kiddos. You sound like a ridiculously fun mom, which are of course the best kind.

-Heather, from

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