april FOOL

Elyott came up with the brilliant idea to throw an April fools day party. 
Her idea was Wednesday. 
The party was to be Friday :/

last minute supplies:

1. silly props
2. fake sushi
3. poop dessert

2 days, 10 kids, negative $ budget to spend coupled with her worthless attention span (which she gets from her mother) equals the joke was actually on me. There i was, all day before the party started hanging streamers, piping out fake piles of poop (brownies) and stuffing balloons with confetti all for a bunch of crazy kids who think parties grow on trees. TREES!! 

They ate pizza, they karate kicked each other on the trampoline, they told Jokes, they watched Yogi Bear. It turned out to be fun (ish). But that depends on who you ask. The kids with bellies full of fake food, or the mom who is one impromptu idea by Elyott away from banning children from my house forever! April Fools indeed sucker (me).

Thanks Elyott for being so enthusiastic, even if you suck at follow through, and thank you pregnant sister for helping me pull it off :)

team Boo 's you


Caroline said...

Ha what a great idea for a party!!! I want to throw a party like this next year. What great photos! XO!

Buffalo Gal said...

pregnant sister says "your welcome" was fun, well the poop brownies were yummy ;} the pictures turned out so cute! i want the ones of my kids ;}

Quinton J said...

i can'r even explain how bad-ass this party looks.

Quinton J said...

...i mean a blue rubber chicken???
...too awesome.

Anonymous said...

This is what you do next year... Fooloween! Dress up in full costume and go trick-or-treating to several friends homes -- without warning, mind you. See who comes home with the best random loot!

Renee said...

I love when moms have an arsenal of dress-up accessories for moments such as this. Eric tried to sell some of our wigs and animal ears at our last garage sale, and I kept putting them back inside. That stuff is crucial to childhood.

(Poop brownies? You're my favorite.)

Me? said...

Oh my gosh! I love this idea, gotta file it away for when my bambino gets bigger!

Love your photos!


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