blob snob?

(...a follow up to yesterday's post. But FYI, I cut and moved the beginning here as a reference point. So, if it sounds familiar, you're not crazy. might be, but that has nothing to do with me)
"I'm not cutesy. I'm not romantic. It's too late to pretend like i am graceful or profound. Or that i sew weird little cross eyed dolls for my daughter on a whim, or that I naturally notice little things like...whiskers on kittens. I don't call people "darlings" and I am absolutely sure that I don't take pictures for posts of my homemade flax seed frittatas (or even claim to know what a frittata is).
In fact, did i just eat 9 mini santa candy bars for lunch? Yes. Yes i did."
Now before you roll your eyes and say without emotion "yesss. Team Boo. we get it, we get it. you're quirky and you think poop jokes are funny which is ironic cause your a housewife and housewives are supposed to be lame and stuff"...please believe me when i say: I understand.

...It reminds me of forever ago, when Jennifer Love Hewitt was still famous (not that i'm famous), and she was on that MTV show "You think you know, but you have NO idea" and she'd pretend pick her nose and called herself a "big dork" like 28 times. Basically saying "not only am i hot, but I'm down to earth and fart just like one of the guys" and then we were supposed to be all "wow. she is the PERfect girl!" but instead we just threw up on our TV screens. 

She was the Megan fox of the 90's, if you will.

And I am not trying to lead a revolution here! or say that i'm so unique and cool. this isn't an "us against them" post but rather an "accept our differences" one. It's just that sometimes i start to act like J. Lo when she dated P.ditty (excuse me, "Ditty Dirty Money") with her half tops and bandanas...and then we were all "what the..." the next day when she was all regal and "old hollywood" dating Ben Affleck and only answering to "jennifer," buuuut inevitably went back to her old Bronxy self with her giant hoop earrings and her teacup chihuahua latin dreamboat husband. 

...and the universe was right again.

(holy pop culture references. Are you still with me??)

Basically...I love DIY blogs. I love pretty picture blogs. I love fashion and food blogs. i do! In fact, i spend many of my web hours drooling over them and probably have all their stuff in my tumbler. My point is just that im not one of them. All i'm saying is, if blogs were dressing rooms, some would be Nordstroms while I would be like a Marshalls or something. Theirs would have complimentary personal shoppers and water bottles, and mine would have bad lighting and smell like...Doritos (but at least you might find some cute $7 shoes??)

However, if one day i (or you) wear something other than stretchy jeans and want to post about how well we hid our tummy fat with some vintage miracle dress...or we sew ourselves a quilt of our monogrammed family tree, or if i cook something that doesn't involve hamburger meat and salsa...I just might post it here. And I won't be "selling out" because there are no such thing as blog rules, hooray! (and besides, only teenage skaters say that :) 

team Boo 's you
p.s. If you are a "nordstrom" blogger...then congratulations at not having to convince people you're awesome. 

p.p.s. yes...I did almost hurt myself backpedaling that fast.


Christopher said...

Don't worry, sister, I know you're not cool in real life, so try to convince people all you want. Also, shout out to cooking with something other than hamburger meat and salsa...I actually made a pasta meal...from a recipe. And only skimped out on some of the stuff, like lemon zest...what 20 year old male college student has that? Exactly. I don't know I am actually writing such a long comment on my own sister's blog. Bye.

teamBoo said...

ya, plus your reading it...on a friday night. we must be related ;)

communikate. said...

You weren't kidding about the pop cultural reference. Good thing I read people magazine every week so I know what you're talking about. Freaking Jenny from the block. She'll always be that terrible Gigli actress to me.

So good thing there are no blog rules. If there are, I'm sure I've broken a few {like not posting what I wear daily.) What a weird culture we've all created. :)

kate lines said...

i'm totally with you... if you hadn't used the pop culture refreneces i might have been lost... but it all came back with j.lo.

littlegypsy. said...

you rock.

geri e. said...

haaaaaaa! you are FUNNY and I'm so happy you keep it real.

peace out!

p.s. LOVE Doritos AND dressing rooms that smell like them.

leigh said...

Your post yesterday sent me into an existential tailspin.

I still like you and your Dorito breath, though.

alison said...

lol...i am SO a "marshalls"! you just plain make me laugh and that's why i come back again and again. simple as that.

Buffalo Gal said... have to explain yourself? we all know "your still, your stil, carolyn on the block" cool, unconventional, line crossing, t.m.i., blog and all! I'm you NUMBER ONE FAN SISTA! {yes i yelled that out lound in my head, and sang the j-lo bit, so i could get it about too much long comment, must run in the fam ;}

jenny said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

And I think you should buy this.

cara. said...

i forgot to comment on how amazing this was the day you posted it. so now i am.
this is amazing.

Artsy Aut said...

Love these posts. Any blog that talks about J.Lo and Jennifer Love Hewit in one post is good enough for me. (Im a closet Party of Five fan)

Renee said...

Don't get self-conscious. Every blogger goes through that thing where we can't figure out what our blog is about, so we post something too self-reflective, and end up offending half our readers. Take a deep breath and know that we're all reading, and none of us are nearly as finicky as your stats might suggest.

P.S. I love Marshalls.

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