the only thing cuter than a picture of my boys on christmas morning?...a picture of my boys on christmas morning where sonny is a Christmas mouse (with nap face). Hope yours was just as sweet!

how about some christmas 2010 high/lows:

-sheamus reacting to his toy batman car "oh my gosh! are you kidding me!? this is so expensive!!" (it wasn't)
-the kids sleeping until 7:30 (pshew)
-elyott rollerblading the whole day around the rapunzel hair
-silly uncle chris t.n.s.d.c.m (texting nonstop during christmas morning)
-Elyott's bedtime tummy ache from a day of straight up donuts and candy :(
-finally some guilt free time to relax with my computer and a little Paper Heart.

team Boo 's you

p.s. J&W has new stuff :)

1 comment:

Sara said...

"This is so expensive" ?

I don't think that ever occurred to me when I was little and opening presents.

And as I grew older, the resounding thought in my brain was often, "Well, I can't eat that..."

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