Christmas with a crank (this is where I blow off steam)

(my gingerbread birdhouse...proof that I did something christmas-y in 2010)

December should be two months long! One month to prepare (that doesn't overshadow poor old thanksgiving) and then one month to enjoy. I keep hearing "remember the real meaning of christmas" and then i want to blow myself to the moon cause i just put on a party to help 300 other people to remember what it's real meaning is (ie. Jesus, hope, love, charity...) and was left with like two seconds to tie up every loose AND feel the spirit of christmas. With the details of recreating nostalgia and all our loved ones to consider, I can't help but scoff when i hear "tis the season to be jolly". Is it really? or is it the season to punch you in the neck when you tell me "tis the season"? 

Flashback to when i'm pregnant and people like to say something like "oh honey, you shouldn't be loading that pack of water bottles into your shopping cart!" Only i should, because otherwise it will stay on the shelf. at the store. and my family will be very dehydrated. And dehydration leads to constipation. and chronic constipation leads to sad colons. and sad colons could = colon cancer. and colon cancer kills people!! Okay, so maybe colon cancer has nothing to do with Christmas (or pregnancy for that matter) but it does raise a good point about drinking enough water, no?

It's no wonder mothers (who are usually behind the details of the holidays) are such an entertaining mess. Jesus, if you're listening....I demand an extension.

p.s. Sorry for being such a bummer...I really do love Christmas time. Hooray Jesus! 

Proof that my heart isn't as cold as ice?...When we sang silent night last sunday at church, i couldn't help but well up at the sweetness of millions of people for generations and generations singing such a tender song about the birth of a child (mind you he would go on to be the savior of the world, but still). I thought of what an honor that would be to know that the world loved your sweet baby as much as you did. Would it be sacrilegious to write a sweet song about my Sonny and make everyone i know and everyone they know sing it with me the whole month of February? yes, it would? ok, fine i won't.

p.p.s. Do you ever feel like your blog is your phantom limb? Like when ignored,  it will haunt you?? me too.

team Boo 's you


communikate. said...

Constipation and Christmas in one post?! Why yes, yes you did. Hilarious as usual.

Oh and I totally get the phantom limb thing.

chelsey meyer said...

i can't even concentrate on this post because i am still getting over my amazement and wonder at your working pepsi machine.

also, i would love to hear your thoughts on my post about birth.

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