turkish delight.

sonny & uncle cheese

This is me resisting the urge to post the classic picture of a giant plate of Thanksgiving food (you better believe i took one) You also won't find any pictures of me preparing any food (cause i didn't) If you are thinking you might see a picture of me blowing out a candle or two, think again (for this marks the 28th year my birthday was overshadowed by driving and packing :) But if you are dying to hear a good throw up story, then i am your blog, cause I've got tons (since my family has the gag reflexes of champions, or rather non-champions).

We seriously have someone throw up at every holiday. Like this year on Halloween, I reminded my kids all night not to eat too much candy or else they would get a tummy ache. When we got home...Adam threw up (from eating too much candy). And let us not forget this time.

So this Thanksgiving when cousin Ashlyn burped at the table, Elyott was so grossed out, she heaved every last morsel she had just eaten back onto her plate (such a considerate thrower-upper) When cousin Ashlyn saw this, she went to the bathroom to toss her own cookies (this is also a girl who one time barfed at her own fart smell). I don't make this stuff up guys, luckily it doesn't even phase me any more. 

team Boo 's you


cara. said...

i laugh at every post.

ironically enough, almost to the point of vomiting.

Artsy Aut said...

That seriously made me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Do we...dare I say...share the same birthday? the 25th of November?

blake brand said...

happy birthday.. I can't believe a burp almost made someone vomit.. That is amazing and completely disgusting. I secretly wish I heard it.

heisschic said...

i would never make it in your family. other people's vomit is my #1 fear.

hatehatehate it.

yessh- but it makes a darn good story.

Michelle said...

haha she threw up at the scent of her own fart? Her bodily functions must be kinda gross ;)

chelsey meyer said...

this is so random, strange, and yet so hysterical.

Sara said...

Ahh, the sympathy vom.

I've done it many a time for my brother.

Fortunately, I wasn't much of a chucker. If my stomach was upset, it usually shot out the other end.

And still does.

jdavissquared said...

haha. Hilarious! My little sister is a barfer too. Always has been. She threw up in church once. IN CHURCH.

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