I am actuallly nice (when i'm not hungry)

(this photo has nothing to do with this post by the way, he just has a way cuter mug than mine ;)

All this self horn tooting has my hands all clammy and uncomfortable. Its time to get back to making fun of myself where I belong ;) But since last month was Suck-tober, let's make November a month of food, and love, and magic...and turkey! (Novem-binge?) Yes I know that's food twice, but it's Thanksgiving and my birthday month, and we all know birthdays are just a fancy way of disguising another reason to over-eat.

I love a good tradition. The problem is, I always have a gajillion ideas at once...and then the second someone holds something shiny in front of my face, i basically forget my own name, let alone the things i was trying to implement. I try to be consistent but I'm pretty A.D.D. all the time with some things. Like "one time" when i started a project in the middle of the walkway (my favorite place to start them) and spread my stuff all over then got up to get scissors but got distracted and instead organized the junk drawer that they were in, then went to throw some of it away but the wipes were sitting on top of the garbage so i decided to clean all the smudges off of it, and then felt hot so i went to get a soda with ice and then just sat down and blogged about it instead. 

...but i digress. I digress hard.

SO what is my November tradition? is my project still on the floor? does this post even have a point? Yes! it's about being less scatterbrained than i was last month. And reminding the world why im glad to be in it!!, it was supposed to be about traditions?! Crap! (see what i mean) Soooo, what are yours? (I'm only asking so i can copy you :)
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MaryPosa said...

Random tangent-y posts are my fave. November tradition you say? I'm about as inconsistent as they come, but last year i followed through with something. I made a fancy little jar thingy, and every day in November we each thought of one thing to be thankful for and wrote it on a piece of paper, then put it in the jar. We read them all on thanks-eating day (though I think your Novem-binge is more clever). Not very original... but then again you didn't ask for original ideas...


Kait said...

Not sure if you're asking for strictly November traditions, but J and I just started a new one for our anniversaries (and I just blogged about it! We are going to take a picture of our family each year on our anniversary and put it in a scrapbook. I think, when we're old and gray, it'll be really fun to look back on :)

Kait said...

Disregard that last message because I just realized you DID only mean November traditions! Not sure how I missed that one.

My family cooks cranberry orange chicken the night before Thanksgiving, goes on our local "Turkey Trot" the morning of Thanksgiving, and watches the parade afterward. They all pretty much revolve around Thanksgiving :)

megan said...

This is so funny and I SO RELATE.

Our family tradition is playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. NOT before, or suffer my wrath!

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