poster of a girl.

I'm a wife.
I'm a mother.
I eat cereal with water.
I'm an athlete.
My favorite color is shiny. 
I'm a lover.
I'm a sarcastic fool. 
I'm a Mormon.

I have been told more than once "I like that you aren't a typical Mormon." While I know this is intended as a compliment, I can't help but stop and wonder: "What is a typical mormon?"...are they not funny? are they all born in Sandy, Utah? do they wear nerdier pants? do they all have glazed over toothy grins? do they all can peaches and aspire to own 13 passenger vans? Have i been a sucky example on this blog?

Just for the record: i am totally guilty of poking fun at "mormony" things: like turkey butt hairstyles, bedazzled clothing, scrapbook-like home decor, use of the word "fun" as a response, and curled "r" sounds ("crick" instead of "creek"). The truth is, there are so many "kinds" of LDS people from different cultures and all walks of life. I just say those things cause i live on the west coast and the only way to survive the Arizona/Idaho/Utah bubble is to make fun of the bubble. And when you are a part of the bubble you are allowed to do that ;) pop pop!

Throughout my "ask boo" series i have been asked a wide range of questions to do with my often vaguely expressed LDS faith. Oh the curiosity! The short answer: though I am not trying to hide anything, I have no interest in being a poster child for the array of expectations of what a Mormon might or "should" be (believe me, there are much more qualified examples out there). So I vacillate on how to share this subject, as i don't want to isolate those here who may not share my exact beliefs. 

What I AM here to do is invite you into my life and my love and grattitude for it, all while being true to myself and always striving to align with my values. I will say that my faith completely enriches my life and reminds me of my greater purpose. It gives meaning to my trials, relief from my heartache, and strength against temptation (in fact, i highly recommend it. wink wink.) I have oodles of imperfections, things i struggle to master, and mountains of goals of how to reflect and improve upon myself daily. That being said, I don't pretend to be anything else but what i am TODAY. 

However, in this blog I like to believe that we are all here as individuals with a common goal: and that is to nurture this life that we have been given. Each day I have an opportunity to love, to learn, and to grow. This blog helps me track those feelings. So for me it is less about the label or stereotype of what religion i am (for our differences are what make people so fantastic!) but more about sharing the raw delights and struggles of being human! And that is something we can all relate to.

I am proud to be a Mormon. But even more, I am honored to be a child of God, just like you :)

team Boo 's you

("LDS" is a shorter way of saying someone who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, often referred to as "Mormons" you know :)

 can i get an A-MEN! 
(...too much? I know shut up!)


Kait said...

So THAT'S why my grandma wears bedazzled clothing! It all makes sense now...

Being born and raised in DC I guess I don't see the "mormony" things of my relatives out in Utah for what they are. I just thought the bedazzled clothing was a grandma thing! :0)

communikate. said...

this post was "fun."

and a great big

A-MEN coming at you.

Melissa said...

Very well said. It's very refreshing to find a "MORMON" who is a bit sassy and silly. I've never lived in the bubble, but I've found it moves with people when they leave the bubble...not that that is wrong, it's just nice to hear your perspective and know I'm not alone.

katie said...

Totally get what you mean.

Lisa said...

Love the last paragraph. I'm someone who isn't LDS, but still in the bubble and wish more had this mentality. Mormon or not. Amen.

abby said...

i say "fun" all the time. i used to make fun of utah accents but lately i've noticed my tone of voice has become sickly sweet. what the flip is happening to me?!

p.s. i think you are a fantastic example of your faith.

Carrie Rosalind said...

I love that your favorite color is "shiny"! I think that's my favorite color, too! :)

Dawn said...

what you said was absolutely what i would have wanted to say had i been able to put those words together. :)

Megan Marie said...

I really like you.

ahc said...

i think you might be my sister from another life.
creepers right?
oh well.

the girl who bought your typewriter

Bonnie said...

The other day I was eating with some co-workers, and I said something about church and she was like "YOU ARE A MORMON?! But you're so... cool?!" It made me feel strange.

MaryPosa said...

Yes. Amen and Hallelujah.

Also I like you a mazillion (that is a lot).

Family Travellers said...

I commented on another post before I came across this one. So my wife and I love your style. I list "sarcasm" as one of my interests on FB. We live in UT, but have also lived in Hawaii and Texas. At times outside of UT, I asked myself, "am I really a good example?" I finally decided, people don't care what you think if they can't relate to you as a human. Just be yourself, right? You're right, we come in all different packages.

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