halloween "high"

This week I worked on a "Clue" themed Halloween party, made to accommodate about 300 people on a $400 decorating budget. It was a challenge...but we pulled it off! I am basically a cardboard profesh now, as i can whip out a mystery themed mural like it's going out of style (if it ever were in style to make mansions out of cardboard??) 

I'd like to give a special thanks to Chipotle for always being there when my blood sugar got low, and to my unmatched husband for taking care of my motherless children all week. And, of course, to the checkout associate at Home Depot for agreeing to sell me more gold spray paint even though I had it suspiciously all over the underside of my nose. oopsie :)

Stay tuned for the party pics, but first the mood board:

team Boo 's you


communikate. said...

brilliant! i can't wait to see how this party turned out!!

cara. said...

boo ya

robin said...

i thought of you as i walked into our ward party... which was... how shall i say... lacking? i kept thinking, "i bet carolyn's party is the exact opposite of this."

no offense to my ward.

i can't wait to see the pictures...

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