famewhores unite (again!)

Things got extra hot and heavy here last post, but i am SO glad and i'll tell you why: It seems there were more than one of you who were pickin' up what i was puttin' down.  So thank you for allowing me to spill my guts to you. They are hopeful guts...guts that truly want you to be happy, guts that are glad you're here.

wait...what's that? you couldn't stop my guts even if you wanted to? 
Well then I guess we're all clear who's the boss around these parts (hint: it isn't Tony Danza).

Speaking of "pickin' up what i'm puttin' down"...don't i look a little like a street walker here??
 (a "private dancer" in neon lights if you will. Which is incidentally also a song by the unmatched Tina Turner, not to be confused with Sir Eltons John's "Tiny Dancer"...that i can't help but sing the substitute lyrics "hold me closer Tony Dan-zaaaa." Count 'em, that's two tony Danza references in one blog post, totally unplanned...weird.)

And speaking of "whoring oneself out" (for lack of a better term)...
I wanted to let you know that I have a new little brown button in my left sidebar. It's a blog that showcases baby and mommy blogs from all around the web (who am i kidding, it's a site where mommy bloggers exploit themselves to get their name in flashing lights). If you feel so inclined, click on it each day you're here...and then click again in the link to vote and show your team Boo support :)

Also, here's proof that I wasn't "hooking" on my free time...

...just a harmless date at the movies with team Boo :)

team Boo 's you
*and can somebody please come confiscate all my belts for a little while!? 
can we say "DE-NI-AL"? sheesh.


kathleen said...

i wear a belt like, everday. ill join in on denial with you. also, random, i feel like you should twitter. it could be the most entertaining twitter ever!

Melissa said...

I spent the better part of my afternoon trying to make homemade mac n cheese (the baby made me do it) and reading through your competition...I have to say I love your blog the best. Maybe I'm just invested, but you are so stinkin down to earth! AND I think it's hilarious how much pop culture you throw around...crackin me up!

ArizonaLewis said...

the hair is super.
and you should know it.
but i thought washing and styling was for losers?

MaryPosa said...

I love it, I voted, from 3 different work computers. AND in the process discovered that the wifey of a favorite musician of mine has a "mommy blog" double score.

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