thank you...have a nice day

In honor of Thanksgiving, I forced my family to make a thankfulness chain.
I worried they might think it was super lame, but we actually had a lot of fun thinking of all sorts of little things we overlook on a daily basis...

Elyott: school, love, grandma and grandpas, colors, cousin Scott
Momma: Tina Fey, music, my home, toilets, humor, turd ice
Sheamus: Andy pants, Travis, eyeballs, wolverine costumes, bottles (??)
Daddy: baby "Uzi", Sports, his bed, technology, nachos

...and it goes without saying, all the real obvious ones like family, a loving Heavenly father and just being alive!! ;)

(Also, i will be thankful if Sheamus gets a hearty meal come Thursday...gawl)

Hope your Thanksgiving is bright!

team boo 's you


Sara said...

Eyeballs is brilliant.

If you swapped ice for buttons, your list would be my list.

Caroline said...

I love this!!! Your posts make me smile. Have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love, good food and family!! xo

SJ said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your children are so adorable!

Same New Story said...

haha eyeballs. that is actually a very good one. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

missy. said...

you have the cutest family and what a fun idea!

Broadobalds said...

I am thankful for nacho flavored wolverine costumes. Have a happy thanksgiving!!!


littlegypsy. said...

so ADORABLE! i feel like i say that every time i leave a comment here...but it just seems that word was made for you and your cute family!

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